Now is YOUR opportunity to make a lasting tribute to your family and friends. The Welcome Wall provides a unique opportunity to honour our immigrant forebears, family members and friends. It is a permanent reminder of our heritage and the values of tolerance and unity in diversity.

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It costs $150 (including GST) to register one individual or family name. You can even buy a gift registration for a friend!

For a name to appear on the Welcome Wall, the person must have been born overseas and settled in Australia. You can register with as little information as the person's name and place of origin. Only the registered person's name will appear on the Welcome Wall. Once you have registered, you can also include a short 100 word story about the person, along with arrival and other personal details. This optional information is held on our database and appears on the Welcome Wall website. It can be submitted at any time.

Please note: If you are registering a living person other than yourself a permission for inclusion letter will be sent with the acknowledgement letter for approval to be included in the project.

Inscription formats and examples

More than one name?

Below are various formats for the registration of multiple names. The cost is $150 per person registered. Our online registration form allows you to register multiple people over multiple lines in one transaction.

Some general inscription rules include:

  • The absolute maximum number of spaces on any one given inscription line is 43. This includes blank spaces between names, commas, and brackets.
  • Titles are not included in the inscription: Dr, Rev, Sir, OAM, Gen, Mr, Mrs, Widow, etc.
  • The word ‘and’ is always written, we do not use ‘&’.
  • The only addition that we make to a registration to acknowledge other family members without naming them is ‘and family’. We cannot accept ‘and sons’ or ‘and daughter’, or ‘and child’.
$150 (one-name entry) $300 (two-name entry)
JONES John JONES John and Susan
JONES John A JONES John A and Susan E
JONES John Adam JONES John and (KELLY) Susan
JONES John and family JONES John, Susan and family
JONES John A and family JONES John, KELLY Susan and family
JONES Family JONES John, (KELLY) Susan and family

$450 (three-name entry) $600 (four-name entry)
JONES John, Susan and Ian JONES John, Susan, Ian and Ann
JONES John A, Susan E and Ian D JONES John, (KELLY) Susan, Ian and Ann
JONES John Adam, Susan Eve and Ian
JONES John, (KELLY) Susan and Ian
JONES John, (KELLY) Susan, Ian and family

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